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March 11, 2015

Hello South Park,

Things are underway with preparations for the play.  We are needing assistance with the gathering of props, costumes and materials for the set.    We are looking to our school community for items we could borrow or you would be willing to donate. Many of the items we need are regular household items.    See a detailed list of props and costumes 

For our sets, one of our parents, Mr. Morison has already built 3 backdrop panels and we’ve also had some paint donated.   However, we are still in need of paint rollers - the roller or fuzzy part only:

We already have lots of handles, so we don't need those.

We could also use some additional paint brushes of various widths.  Again, these do not have to be new.  Used, but in good condition, is fine.   If you have any such items to lend or donate, please contact Mrs Scales  lynseyscales@gmail.com