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Parent Advisory Council

Welcome!    South Park prides itself in the close working relationship between parents, staff and administration.

What is the PAC?   The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the officially recognized collective of parents at our school.  It is a forum to discuss matters affecting education and the entire school community.  Together with the teachers, administration, staff and students, we:

*Provide opportunities to educate and inform parents
*Involve parents in volunteer activities
*Work with staff to achieve the goals and aspirations of the school

Who is a PAC member? 
All parents and guardians of children who attend École South Park School are members of the South Park PAC and are crucial partners in creating a rich and fulfilling school experience for our children.

How does the PAC support South Park Students?  By providing funding for many ongoing projects and special initiatives that enrich our students’ school experience.  Such activities, organized at Ecole South Park School, include:

*Artists in residence
*Sports and Playground Equipment
*Gardening Club
*Noon Hour Activities
*Parent Education

About one quarter of our operating budget comes from a community gaming grant, and three quarters from fundraising initiatives such as Special Foods, the Plant Sale, the Christmas Poinsettia and Baking Sale and our largest fundraising event, the bi-annual Spring Fair.

How does the PAC spend money? 
You are welcome to view PAC financial statements throughout the year.  They are available on the school website at http://sp.deltasd.bc.ca/parents/pac

Parent Education Opportunities:  There are often educational opportunities offered within the school district that are created for the parents. The Parent Advisory Council forwards information to parents in the school through the school e-mail system, posts this information on the school web site and includes it in the monthly newsletters.

The PAC has made a commitment to provide parent education opportunities within our own school as well by offering a series of speakers at the monthly PAC meetings who will address subjects of interest to our parents.

Volunteer Opportunities
:  Throughout the year there are many opportunities for parents/guardians, grandparents and others to volunteer their time in class events, school-wide events or PAC fundraising initiatives. No matter your availability, any time and in any way you are able to contribute is greatly appreciated by students, staff and parents alike. Please visit the school website and newsletter or contact the South Park PAC to learn more about the number of ways you can become involved.

PAC  Meetings:  PAC general meetings are open to all parents and guardians and are held once a month in the school library. This is when all decisions concerning PAC expenditures and policies are made. Speakers from the district and beyond are also invited to address subjects of interest to our parents. All members are encouraged to attend and child-minding is provided.

For more information:

·        Visit the École South Park School, website at: http://sp.deltasd.bc.ca/

·        Review the school’s monthly newsletter

·        Ask any PAC Executive Member

Parent Advisory Council Executive Roles:Executive Members are elected in May. These roles are listed below.  

Past Chair
Member at Large: Fundraising
Member at Large: Special Foods
Member at Large: Parent Welcome
Member at Large: Volunteer Coordinator
Member at Large: Parent Education

If you would like more information about these roles or are interested in any of the number of volunteering opportunities at École South Park School, please contact the South Park PAC at sppac@sp.deltasd.bc.ca